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An audio engineer by genetics. I used to study civil engineering until I found my real passion within a whole different world of engineering, thus the audio world! In the last four years I have been able to really push and gain my knowledge in the world of Audio may it be from composing, mixing and recording. I have had the joy of working on a few projects, such as assisting the recording engineer with the Bollywood film "Tiger" with Al Hajir Studios (Starring Salman Khan). The beauty about working within this creative field is mixing with personalities and hence I can work well both alone and in a team with a great positive attitude. 


From a very young age I use to watch my father play the piano and how those key notes could create such different emotions amazed me and inspired me to be able to be part of bigger projects that can also put an audience into a form of escapism. I currently work as a live sound engineer, but I am always ready to join new projects so feel free to contact me if you want to meet me to be part of your team or to create something with you. 

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