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Opinion On control surfaces.

A couple of days ago I had the chance to work for a local band in Dubai called Redaround. I was in charge of recording the vocal and mixing the song. The studio we were using has a control surface mixer, the C24 from digidesign.

A lot of people would argue that it is not a mixer and it is a useless tool. In my opinion control surfaces now a days are valuable and so much easy to work with. Even when it comes to recording. It makes everything easier since it is connected to the DAW through digi16 link cable. Audio became so modern and advanced. A lot of audio and mix engineers mix on the laptop (DAW) while other engineers like the one and only Chris Lord Alge like to see everything on the mixer like the old fashion days. It is a long process and needs a good mixer with a lot of channels in order to do it. So for me the new generation of audio engineers a mixer like the C24 we see it very helpful and easy to deal with. The only thing I would add to my studio if I'm using c24 is a preamp microphone. The C24 receives only digital signals, while our recordings are analog. I always prefer recording using analog mixer. I feel analog mixers give your a warm sound. So the process of converting the signal from analog to digital can make the audio files you recorded sound bad. Other than that, I like it the C24 and the S6 as well is another mixer which is a control surface same as the C24.

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