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The Human Hearing.

I know you guys are excited to dig right away into the audio stuff like EQ, compressoes, recording and many other things. However, in this blog will be talking about the most important component to every audio engineer, the human hearing system. as an audio engineer, believe me you will always be working in laud places wither in a studio or in a live event. It is so important to know how to protect and know how your ears function.The ear can be divided into 3 main sections:1- The outer ear. 2- The middle ear 3- The inner ear.

I will keep it short and simple, the outer ear is made of two sections: pinna and the ear canal. That's why we see the rounded shape of it which helps to gather and focus the sound going into the canal. In other words, it helps to know the direction of a sound source Tthe ear canal, the main function of it is to boost the level of a certain frequencies that are crucial to understanding the human hearing. Moving into the middle ear which is also know as the ear drum. The ear drum works as converter. It converts the acoustic energy into mechanical energy. Moving on into the last part which is the inner ear. It contains the most important part which is the auditory nerve system. This system contains as we call the hair cells. The main job of the hair cells is separate sound by frequencies. ( I will be talking and explaining more about it through up coming videos and on Instagram @salam.y.ibrahim).

I would like to share some important information about iPhone levels. If you put your level 70% you are safe to listen at this level for 4.6 hours per day, at 80% level you are safe to listen at this level for 90 minutes and 95% level you are safe to listen only for 5 minutes. My recommendation is to keep it safe and to maximize your level up to 80%. Other than that, audio engineers must protect their ears since it is the only way to work it out so I highly recommend to get ear plugs. Order them online or get the, from any music store. Trust me buying ear plugs one of the best investment you will make as an audio engineer.

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