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Things To Keep In Mind While Recording.

Audio engineers who are new in the business or still learning about it, there are a couple of things you need to consider when you record. First thing you want to do is to switch off your ac in the live room. I'm 100% positive that the microphone will pick up any noise coming from the room and ac. You want to have just the sound of the instrument or the vocals without any noise. Second thing not many audio engineers are aware off or consider it, don't use multiple mixers and microphones amps while recording. In other words, if you are recording a song or voice over stick to one studio using same mixer and microphone amp, so you get the same sound and tune every time you get back to the recording. Other thing beginners should keep in mind, is the polarity of the microphone. If you are recording vocals or voice over you should make your microphone pattern omni or figure of 8 and pick up the room sound and atmosphere with the voice over or vocals.

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