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Behind the scenes of recording FIND ME.

Here in this video showing you recording the first guitar track, which is the melody of the song Find me. Have listen to the songs (available in projects section) and you will notice it is kind of lo-fi type of music. Just basic piano chords followed with guitars melodies and flavored with some synthesizer sounds (email me or comment bellow if you don't know what is a synthesizer).

I'm showing you this video to tell all the beginners that you don't need any fancy equipment to record a song or a voice over or whatever you want to record. Try to work with what you have, although I had the opportunity to work in a studio with a fancy mixer and recording equipment. I kept it simple as possible and got the job done. All we used is a laptop obviously to use the recording software and an interface (sound card).

We connected the guitar and keyboard to the interface and start recording.

Feel free to contact me on social media or email for any question or inquiries I will be more than happy to help you!.

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