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What I Have Learned.

I had the opportunity to have a team of 3 audio engineers including myself. We had to do a post production for a small scene. We were responsible for the ADR, SFX, foley and scoring. I learned and realized that working with a team will make your life easier and the job will go smooth, especially for you got to choose your team. My friends were my team, so we have that connection between each other. Other than that, we give each other feedback and opinions about the recordings we did or the mix. In our case the three of us were doing everything but one of the team member was focusing on the score, myself and the other team member were doing the recording, mixing and the other stages. However, still we would give feedback for the scoring and all the team work on it and add up some ideas. Same thing goes when it comes to recording foley or ADR everyone was involved.

It is important in post production to get a paper and pen and write down what do you want to do for this scene and explain how you will record that. I learned that it is much better to do that while spotting your scene, it will make your job go smooth and you will be able to start you work the minute you start your session and not waste any time.

Another important tip, show your work to people who have experience more than you. They will give you feedback and opinions will help you out. You want your work to sound and look professional as much as possible, so there is nothing wrong to show your work to experts so you master your work and learn from them.

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